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Hello from Australia
If anyone can offer any advice on these problems I would appreciate it.
My Partner has a 2005 VW Caddy. Unfortunately she got suckered in by a dealer to spend about 6000AUD (double what the car is worth) to replace the clutch and recondition the gearbox. A month or so later the car started to register many faults according to the VW shop, including:

Linear 02 sensor bank 1
Sensor 1 pump current wire open circuit
P1361 not plausible signal
Jammed P1951 short with ground
P1290 short with power

They have admitted they don't know how to fix all of them and have quoted $352 for a new coolant temp sensor and $1577 for a new instrument cluster. To me this just sounds crazily expensive. Im a pretty handy person if I know what I'm looking for. Can anyone identify any of these fault codes, have problem fixes or know if any of these are common faults for a 2006 petrol Caddy?

Thanks again for any advice.
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