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Hello VW Forum,
I have a 1998 New Beetle with the standard cassette-player stereo. The other day after trying (with no luck) to get a cassette adapter working with my ipod, the cassette player started causing an additional problem.

Now, whenever I turn on the stereo, it sits silent for a moment and then beeps, displaying TAPE ERROR on the screen. I can switch to the FM radio by pressing the STOP button, but after about 2 seconds the radio stops, the beep sounds and the TAPE ERROR display comes back. I can keep going back to the radio when this happens, but it never works for longer than 2 seconds.

It seems like the player thinks that a cassette has been inserted. Has anyone dealt with this problem before?

Also, when a tape IS inserted, the stereo doesn't seem to make any effort to actually play it before displaying the same error (ie, I hear no moving parts or any indication that something is happening)

Thanks for your help!
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