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Hi, would welcome any suggestions before I spend anymore money, I'm on a pension and I'm struggling to get my car right so I can sell it.
VW Polo Match 2005 5Dr 9N
First thing to happen was, the petrol flap wouldn't open when pressed, had to open it manually from inside the boot, then about 3 weeks later it just started working again. Then the Front passenger door wouldn't open when I pressed the key fob (would open with the key) That has started to open again now but ONLY when you stand really close to the drivers door??? THEN both rear passenger doors wouldn't open, they don't have key holes so couldn't open them at all! dangerous when Ive got my grandchildren in the back, how do I get them out in an emergency. Sent for a rear door (drivers side) actuator off ebay, mechanic put it on for me so that door now works, although the black pop up button doesn't come all the way up?? So now Im wondering do I have send away for another actuator for the other back door ? or is something else going on? sorry for this long story and thanks for reading xx
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