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CG FC200 ECU programmer is the upgrade of CG AT200. It features 4200 ECUs/EGS coverage + data loss prevention + automatic verification + BMW ISN reading + VIN modification + data cloning + no need to open shell or punch.

Let’s take an Audi and a VW for examples, to see how CG FC-200 reads and programs ECUs of Audi and VW.

1. Audi DL382 gearbox coding
Open up FC200 app.
Select the brand, the model and the ECU type.
If you don’t know the gearbox’s brand, just search the number (DL 382) on the gearbox.

Select “Bench mode”.
So we’ve got the connection diagram and the function buttons.

Double-click on the diagram to enlarge it.
Complete the connection as the diagram.

For function buttons, there are three main types: identify, disconnect, read&write data.
Identify the module’s information.

If we want to finish or cancel the operation, we need to click on “Disconnect” and then we can unplug all the cables.

3)Read&Write data
Actually we can say this function is cloning, which requires reading and write three kinds of information: DFLASH data, external DFLASH data and PFLASH data.
Usually it takes few minutes to read the PFLASH data.

Then we can save the three data files of the old modules and write them into the new modules.
So we can start the car without things like matching.

2.VW TC1724 ECU programming
Again select the brand, the model and the ECU type.
If you don’t know relevant information, search the 10-bits BOSCH number (0261S10525) on the engine module.

For this module, we have “Bench mode” and “Boot mode” to select.
For “Boot mode”, we need to open the car bonnet and solder pins.

We recommend you to read data by “Bench mode”. If not working, then try “Boot mode”.
So we select “Bench mode”.
Also connect cables according to the diagram.

For function buttons, there are three main types: identify, VIN modification, read&write data.
Read the ECU’s information.

2)VIN modification
We click on “VIN modification”.
It shows it’s reading DFLASH, so it means VIN is in the DFLASH data.

3)Read&Write data
Cloning requires reading and write two kinds of information: DFLASH data and PFLASH data.
Also PFLASH reading takes few minutes.
Don’t unplug any cables during data reading.
Then we’ve got the data files.


This is how CG FC200 reads & programs VW/Audi.

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