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I know I should post this in the WTB section, and I did... But I am hoping to speak directly to people in Europe.

I am looking for the chrome trim for the front window of a 2-Door Mk1 Rabbit (Driver's side LHD, or if it is easier, when sitting in the car I am looking for the Left Side).

I am mainly looking for the chrome trim itself. If your scrappers are good, I'll buy those too, but I can get grooved scrappers new still.

I am looking for the chrome trim that goes along the top of the driver window as well. Again, if you have good grooved rubber to go with it, I'll buy that too, but I can find new grooved rubber still.

Last but not least, I am looking for the rubber seal that works on the glueable opening vent windows (I've read that the rubber is a bit different on the bolt in windows compared to glue on). I know no one likes glueable vent windows, but I have a 1975 and they suit the car better IMO.

These are the last chrome pieces I need to finish my car. I know these parts are pretty rare and hard to find, but someone has to have these sitting around somewhere and is willing to sell. I found and bought the passenger side from someone on Vortex, but I feel as if these parts might be more available in Europe. I'd really appreciate it if someone was willing to let these go. I promise you they will be going on a nice car, and it will be worth letting them go; if you'd like pictures, let me know.
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