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hi everyone im pretty new to this vw mod thing but im in love with ma baby and i want her to be the best she can be. this is what i have.....
2001 (mk4) VW GTI 1.8T
+5 speed manual
+stage 1 clutch
engine head redone all new everything lol
(my timing belt broke while driving an i kept trying to turn on the car an ending up bending all my valves an fucking up everything)
+bigger intake
+ and a few other lil things.
my turbo is still stock tho.
+anyways i wanted to know if there is a way i can make my clutch feel a lil harder. i have to sink it kinda to the floor as if i never changed my clutch at all.
+ and my position camshaft sensor light (code) is on on my car as well. i really dont have as much power or turbo as before ever sense that light came on.
+i want to change it but when i go online it showng me all these diff ones. anyone can tell me which one i have, i have a AWW type engine if that helps.
+ i wanna change the shocks an struts on her as well. im thinking of getting the STR.T Shocks & Struts (this ons from ecs tuning ECS Part#ES#26099) or this one AGX Sport Adjustable Shocks & Struts (this one from ecs tuning ECS Part#ES#4416)
+then i wanna change my catalic converter and put in a down pipe i think its called... this one (from ecs tuning ECS Part#ES#263993)
+ if anyone knows of a cheaper auto performance website other than ecstuning.com that'll be great to. dont get me wrong i like them but sometimes my cheap side comes out an i wanna save to lol lol.
+over all thanks in advance for anyone who replies and helps me on any of my probs. CHEERS!! SALUD!!! **MIA305-954FTL** HERE
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