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Hey whats up all, new here been lurking for like two days.
names Chris, i have a 2004 2.0 MKIV, its a pretty silly car but I love it, reppin my steelies and some 55w 10kHIDs, planning on getting some springs that's it. I have no monies :[
Joining the service here pretty soon, on a waiting list and have applied to some schools so once the money starts rolling in planning on getting a 2010 GTI :D.
Just moved to Colorado from California. I was looking in the meets section and don't really see anything local :[. A little more about me and cars... I would love to start doing more photo shoots for my portfolio, its just a hobby though. I'd be so down for some shoots though: Flickr: ChrisDTA's Photostream

oh.. and i attached a picture of my giada


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