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I have a 2001 12V VR6 Jetta. Had a small coolant leak that seemed to be coming from the blank plug on the coolant flange(I think the previous owner forgot to install an O ring with the blank plug). I ordered the crack pipe kit from ECS tuning, tore the car apart this past weekend, almost launched an SAI pump through my windshield out of frustration lol, buttoned everything back up, starting pouring coolant only to look under the car to see coolant dripping out!

I am taking everything back apart after work but I am thinking it is coming from where the flange meets the engine or where the thermostat housing is attached to the flange. Could I be missing something? I can say that the opposite end of the crack pipe went in like butter but the end that attaches to the flange did not seem very tight until I tightened the flange to the engine with the long bolts. This had me worried to the point where I removed the SAI pump a second time to ensure the fitment of the crack pipe to the coolant flange and it still seemed unsettling. Should I be attaching the flange to the crack pipe before installing? The surfaces where the plastics meet aluminum seemed very clean so I really only wiped them down with a rag, I cant imagine the shaped gasket on the flange is not making good contact, I used sealer and everything like many directions said. Any knowledge is appreciated!!
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