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I’m handy but admittedly a novice so please forgive/correct any incorrect descriptions or ideas.

2003 Jetta 2.0 140k miles, given to me from friend who had the car serviced some but probably not unless something broke.

Have had to top off coolant too often and recently saw steam from hood. Started leaking coolant drivers side. Read that flange is common culprit but leak didnt appear to be from flange area but rather from one of the heater core hoses, pooling on transmission cooler. Picked up new heater core hose that connects to the metal crossover line. I hoped it was not the metal line because that looked much tougher to replace.

Drained coolant from radiator & flushed it with water over a few days sometimes with car running few minutes at a time- heat on, recirculated air. Started draining as orange looking coolant & rusty. Flushed til almost clear.

Struggled to get heater core hose off of the metal line. It was pretty corroded/rusty. Once off I could see that the metal line had a small hole which must've been the culprit. Not having much free time or $ right now I hoped I could use dab of JB Weld to temporarily patch hole on metal line. Put on both new heater hoses, filled with G12 coolant/water mix.

After taking a drive I saw a little coolant still leaking from the metal coolant line. How difficult is it to replace? Anything else I'd need besides the new part? Appreciate any tips or advice on steps I'll need to take. Looks like it connects to the heater core hose and the auto transmission cooler, the oil filter, the overflow tank and to what Im guessing is the water pump. Thanks for any guidance.

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