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My Sportwagen 2018 model has a coolant lid that won't open when turned.

It only turns a couple of millimetres, then it stops and won't go any further. It's like the child-proof lock on the lid on a prescription bottle of medication - except that it doesn't "push in" to open as those lids do.

I don't want to force the lid by twisting it too hard when it stops in its tracks, as I'm wary that the mechanism might break.

There are two holes on either side of a plastic edge on the lid, as I've shown in the pics. Is there a special tool required to insert into these holes to open the lid? Can you improvise with something else, such as sticking a metal meat skewer into each hole and holding them in place, whilst turning the lid?

The coolant level is low, so I need to get the lid open.

Any advice shall be much appreciated. Thanks!



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