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I purchased a 2001 Beetle (diesel) about a year ago. Love the car and the 50 MPG. AC didn't work when I bought it. I didn't realize the cooling fans weren't coming on either. I've done the following, but still not working.

1. Replaced AC compressor and had it professionally charged.
2. Replaced both cooling fans.
3. Replaced fan control module (twice, thought maybe I had a bad one)
4. Replaced fuse box above the battery
5. Replaced fan temperature switch in radiator.
6. Installed an ambient light (missing before) Not sure I have the correct one.
7. Replaced AC pressure switch.

In the beginning, our mechanic could get readings with his scanner. He can't now. I have an aftermarket radio, and have unplugged it, but still not reading on a scanner.
I can run a hot wire to the fans and they run and to the AC compressor and it kicks on and makes cold air quite quickly.

Any ideas what to try next?
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