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A few months back my water pump developed a leak (on my 2016 VW Tiguan SEL)and I took it to the local place and had it replaced. A few weeks later the car began giving a Coolant System Performance CEL. There are no issues with overheating or leaks. I took it to a local shop and they couldn't identify the cause of the light. They reset the light and it stayed off for a few days or a week, but eventually recurred. I read the code and it was, once again, Coolant System Performance. Still no leakage, no overheating. Hoping against hope I reset the light and it stayed out for a few day, but came back eventually. So I figured I would take it to the dealership and let them look since the local guys guys couldn't tell me why it was happening. They are telling me that the thermostat is sticking open and so it taking to long to hit temperature, which I understand to be a legit reason for a CEL.
The problem is that the dealership says the water pump and thermostat are one part and the local shop must have replaced it with an non-OEM part and that is causing the problem because the thermostat is not quality/correct for my vehicle. So I spoke with the local shop guy and he says that the replaced the water pump and not the thermostat and that they are indeed separate and the dealership is feeding me a line.
Not sure what to make of this. Can anyone here tell me if it is possible to replace just the water pump? Is it normal to replace just the water pump and not the thermostat? Are both of these guys full of crap? How likely is it that the replacement of the water pump is not related to my current issue?
Thanks in advance for any advice or info you may be able to provide.

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