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Hi all,

I’m new here - just bought a mk1 1983 1500 auto gl cabriolet. I’ve pulled it apart and it’s all sound, and rust free which is a miracle as it’s U.K. car. Apart from water leaks in the coolant system. I’ve addressed most with new hoses and seals but coolant flange and o ring on the end of the head is more of a problem.
The flange itself is warped which is what caused this, and that’s fine - I can fix that. But where the water has leaked the machined surface is badly pitted. Not sure if you can see in the photo but at 6 o clock - at the bottom there’s a crater probably 1mm deep and a few mm across.
To polish this out with sand paper / emery will take a lot of material away. I could fill it with sealant and then try just the o ring as usual. Or maybe even, sealant then paper gasket (which I have), then sealant then o ring.
Any guidance gratefully received. I haven’t encountered this before.
thank you!
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