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Yesterday my wife was listening to the radio and as she pulled into the parking lot, she switched the radio off and shut the car off. When she got back the radio wasn't working, nor the lights of the radio.

I checked all the fuses of the accessory fuse box and the engine bay fuse box, everything seems ok, green light on the fuse tester and I pulled the fuses out for inspection, but nothing unusual.

I disconnected the battery for an hour (both terminal) and when I reconnected it back, the radio still inoperative (black screen, no cd, no media, no FM/AM, no lights); also the sunroof became unresponsive, including its sun protective film.

The car is a 2010 with 67,000km.

What shall I inspect in my troubleshooting case?
Is there a fuse on the back of the unit? It is the 6cd changer/nav unit.
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