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I found straightforward instructions for disabling the alarm on my MK4 on Answers dot com. A few sentences in a slideshow format. Tried it on my Golf MK 4, and it worked.

Remove trim surround panel for the fuse block. This is a snap off/on piece.

Remove the two screws holding the fuse block to the brackets, push it in and maneuver it out of the way.

You'll see a black plastic box ("comfort module"?) with two connectors facing the back of the car. Unplug the nearest connector, the smaller of the two, and Bob's your uncle. There are retention latches on the top and bottom of the plug that need to be squeezed together to get it out.

I removed the screw in the holding bracket so I could take the module out and look it over, but I don't think that was necessary.

The electric locks still work, and the alarm can be set, but this eliminates it's ability to honk the horn, flash the lights and lock out the starter. When the alarm is tripped and would be sounding off, one can hear a relay clicking under the dash, but I haven't discovered any other negative effects.

My car is old enough that I the drivers lock actuator and switches are hosed, thus the alarm headaches. It's -5 degF out there, so maybe when the weather gets nicer I'll take a shot at repairing the lock motor, but not now!
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