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So I bought a new to me jetta (1.8t auto) a few weeks ago and within 50 miles it started started a grinding noise . After troubleshooting, a friend and I decided it was the water pump since it was also starting to boil. Ordered the parts and planned a Saturday. 5 hours later I had new water pump, tensioner, timing belt, etc. Felt good to save some $ and do it myself. Within 10 minutes, I realized the misdiagnosis. Further research made me believe I had a bad can shaft tensioner. Ordered the parts, waited a week and then got sick for a week. After being down I couldn't wait to get my car on the road so I took another sick day. Shitty 4 hour job, but I love this car now. I had a few doubters but these jobs aren't bad for anyone somewhat mechanically inclined. Don't be scared fellows, go fix your V-dub yourself. The grease under your nails may be hard to explain after a week of sick time, but worth it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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