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Hi, I'm a first time VW owner, a 2009 Jetta Wagon diesel (salsa red, woo hoo). I purchased Dec 2012, with about 47 000 km on it, from a dealership.

I love everything about this car except the transmission. I find it 'watery' at low speeds (e.g. turning left with oncoming traffic), although I've been told that this part of the fuel economy - it sips.

Much more distressing however is that I roll backwards in drive! Inches - I've braked after 4-5 inches and I'm still accelerating (backwards). The dealership tells me this is normal DSG functioning - I find that hard to believe. and wonder if that's why the previous owners bailed on it.

I'm taking it in for routine 54 000 km maintenance on friday and wondered if I can get any advice/feedback/suggestions from this community before I do??

Thanks PS my vehicle was not part of the DSG recall, this has been checked by both the dealership and myself
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