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hi everyone

i have a porblem wiv my vw scirocco 2008 dsg, the car goes into d and drives but it does not change gears and it goes in r but car does not move, the prnds in the speedo is always falshing.

i have had the problem checked out by a specialist who told me the mechatronics in gbox is faulty and that it cost a lot of money

any ideas or suggestion of what it could be?

also i can get hold of a second hand gbox,thinking of replacing it, do the gboxes be coded or what.

my gearbox code is kpv and i can get hold of one out of a 2009 scirocco which is gbox code loz, will it still work if i change?

also r all dsg gbox same i.e golf mk5?

and finally if need coding can they be re-coded?

need help
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