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I've got this problem more or less 10 time since winter 2012/2013 when my IP have been change in warranty... Maybe there is no relation :confused:

It happen only when it rain.

That's crazy because it happen without you heard any noise before as the car is so quiet, in third with motor brake during deceleration you are not immediately aware that the engine is off ;)
I think it happen in third but maybe I'm already in neutral, it is hard to say.

In addition I've got a " sport " gear box and in second the motor brake is too hard to use it in town.

It happen always after very short ride ( less than 2 miles ) generaly at first day ride in the morning but sometime at noon at the second ride of the day.

The battery is 2011 and mid life voltage for a 2007/135000 km.

Thanks by advance
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