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Hi. My name is Marc and I am new to this forum. Let me thank those who can help me in advance.

I have a 2012 Jetta SE 2.5. It has over 106,000 miles on it without any major issues until very recently.

My oil pressure light was coming on intermittently. I brought it to Meinecke. They said that the codes they found indicated a bad oil pressure sensor. They also said there was a pending throttle body code. They replaced a sensor with an aftermarket one. However the light came on immediately. They said that the new sensor was coated with gunky oil. The car was not in need of an oil change. They put an additive in the oil to clean it and put in another new sensor. Also told me that if the light comes on again I would need to have my oil pan dropped and the screen cleaned or replaced (due to gunk). The light did come on a few times briefly after that service but not as frequently as before and not recently.

A few days ago, the EPC light started to come on. It does not show upon restarting the car but does consistently get triggered while I am driving. Today, I brought the Jetta to a well-regarded VW dealer in CT. They said that they needed to clean the throttle body and did so. I was also told that the aftermarket oil filter that Meineke used had some space around it and wasn't the Euro standard that German cars require. They replaced this as well. Upon test driving the car, the oil pressure indicator flashed and the EPC light came on. I was told that this car has 2 oil pressure sensors. The one that was replaced might be faulty and the other one could be as well. The mechanic told me that the oil pressure sensor problem was triggering the EPC code. That doesn't make sense to me since the EPC light came on during my ride home but the oil pressure indicator did not.

Do I need to get the oil pan screen cleaned/replaced (Meinecke) or should I have the oil pressure sensors replaced (with recommended OEM parts) as VW suggested. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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