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Hi all - new to this Phaeton forum. I am purchasing a 2004 Phaeton W12 with 100k miles. The car is a 1 owner with the Premiere Edition. In the purchase I negotiated the car be completely reviewed by a certified Phaeton tech at the nearby VW dealer and they found $2400 worth of work (including rear brakes, serp belt, bushings, gaskets and a few other small things). My question is whether I should purchase the Powertrain OR Silver extended warranty through Fidelity Warranty Services. It is $2800 (powertrain) or $3400 (silver) and covers 2 years and 24k miles.
I would be more inclined to purchase this if the Phaeton tech handn't done a thorough review.
Any input on whether A) whether or not to purchase the extended warranty at all and/or B) if the answer is yes, which version, powertrain or silver, I should purchase.
Thank you for your help on this!
-John (jcgproxy)
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