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I once owned a Jetta in the mid-90s. a 1993 black Jetta. Short-lived and t-boned (walked away), I've now returned, some 15+ years, to the land of V-Dub and Jetta.

I spent 2k on a total shot in the dark...and I mean total:

1998 5 spd 2.0 with 175k on the dash.

Tons and TONS of custom work that nobody really knows about. Previous owner bought it in 2006 with 98k...

and pawned it in 2012. Not sold...pawned...and made payments for a year...then finally defaulted. Came off pawn less than a week when I bought it.

I am very curious what this car holds after being in storage for a year.

There are so many curiosities about this, and I do not know much...

Thank you, in advance!
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