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Ok well, I am finally at the point in time where it is possible to start moding my 95 gti vr6. Im not asking what to do, I just want to know a few things though.

Exhaust: I see the Magnaflow is very common for them and is like $500 on ebay and sites, but I dont like/want the dual tip they supply, does anyone know of another good exhaust system. Im pretty sure a catback system is what I want but I have no idea what that is or where to find one... 42DD is supposed to be good too but I can never find anything for my vr6 on there.. links or suggestions would be great.

Vacuum lines: I found on ebay a kit (Im having problems finding it again) but it was silicone hoses to replace all the vacuum lines. I want to do this because 1. it will keep me from replacing them later on and 2. they are blue and will look clean under my hood. Does anyone have a diaghram of the vacuum lines for a vr6?

Timing chain: I need to do it soon, I found a kit for around $180, just want to know if someone has a write up? I found one I think or Mk4 so if they are the same then thats good. Also if there is any thing I should be careful of or look out for when dong it that would be helpful to know.

Thanks a lot to all who help me, and I do realize I mentioned Ebay a bit, I will make sure anything I purchase on there is ligit before hand.
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