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after a shitload of headaches the jetta is done

first i slid under a RAV4 in april, losing my headlight, hood, radiator support, and grille, then after replacing those my hood latch let go and my hood flew up when i was doing 80 on the highway, i lost the windshield, hood, the front part of the roof was all dented in and the moonroof was gone.... i replaced the moonroof and to do so took the headliner down, i don't know why ppl say it's soo hard, it took me about two hours including taking the new moonroof out of a car at the junkyard.... i filled in the dents in the roof with body filler and put a different antenna on the fender as well, it did not fit right so i made a custom mounting bracket out of bondo and steel.....then i got the car repainted ...this is after i got a '98 style jetta grille and put it on...then i had the car painted roaly green metallic...the stock color for '98 jetta's...... even the dealer was fooled, he thought it was a '98 when it is really a '95... i have a question tho, does anyone know how to check and change the trans fluid? it's an automatic trans with a 2.0 4cyl engine.........i also put lights in the sockets below the reverse lights in the trunk which are activated by the brakes so when i stop the two lights under the reverse lights come on along with the two lights under the turn signal...the sockets are right there all you have to do it put in the bulbs and knock out the plastic blocking off the back of the light...took me about 5 mins.... if ANYONE has ANY INFO about my trans PLEASE!!!!! reply!!!


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