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Hey everyone,

Just got home with the new ride. 800 miles and I'd do it again tomorrow! Man, what a car! I've owned two Audis; a V8 (predisessor to the A8 ) and an A6 Avanti. I loved them both, but the Phaeton shames them! It's so smooth and and quiet, you could hear someone whispering in the back seat at 100 mph. Got it up to 140 (purely for research purposes, of course) and it was nothing--solid, stable, no sweat. You could drive this car at a buck and a quarter all day long without any worries--except the going to jail thing. But I did hundreds of miles at 80 (75 mph limit road) and it felt like doing 30 in my wife's Sienna.

I could go on, a LOT...but you get the picture. I LOVE THIS CAR!!!

However, the sound system is sick, but there is no Bluetooth or accessory jack. My car has the 6 disc changer in the glove box. I've discovered that a company named Dension or possibly Dice Electronics makes a plug and play adapter that can be plugged into the CD player jack, and that's probably what I'll go for...UNLESS, some of you folks have other suggestions or ideas. If any of you have any input I would really, REALLY love to hear it. Especially if there's some way to achieve the connection via Bluetooth. The adapter allows for an accessory jack connection. That's okay, but wireless would obviously be tons better.

Looking forward to hearing from you, so thanks in advance.

Also, if you have any questions about the car, don't hesitate to ask. Not that I'm excited about it or anything :hump:

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