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Name: George
Location: Hanover, PA, USA
Age: 32
Occupancy: Remodeling Sales

Hobbies: Anything away from work.

How'd you find the forum?: Google..the center of the Universe.

Purchased a 2001 Golf 4-door 1.8t

silver with black cloth interior. 86k on the clock. has aftermarket muffler and intake. aftermarket bov. kit all the way around except front was replaced back to stock after it rolled into a tree.

Still up in there air on this car...........ANYBODY HAVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING HAPPEN TO THEM??

It has the engine tap thing after about 15 mins that i'm reading about everywhere. Apparently this is normal? That's very odd.

I also noticed that ever now and then when I start it, it sputters for a second, acts like it will die but then kicks back up and will be fine. I also notice that when shifting to 2nd, i can feel a slight power lag when there should be acceleration. It will only do it at low RPM, so if I take first gear up high enough before shifting, then it will not do it.

A/C issues-- The a/c only blows on level 4. 1, 2, and 3 do nothing at all, which is unfortunate b/c the Green ac light only activates on level 2, hence I get no A/C..just regular air blown in my face. Good thing it's getting hot out!

Lastly, turns out that the car needs a left wheel hub and left and right wheel bearings. Haven't got a quote on that yet but i'm gonna go on a limb and pray not more than $300.

I would welcome as much feedback as possible. Thank's a lot and I look forward to getting to know some of you guys!
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