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Just bought my bosses old 2002 jetta, 115k miles on it for $800. I've helped my friend Marvin figure out a few strange things on his MKIII and I helped my friend ryan a bit on his MKIV 2000 VR6

Its a 1.8T, Its got a battery drain, one of the door actuators is missing so it might have something to do with that and the vag com system not sure. Also the coolant light comes on periodically so I'll prob have to go to the dealership and score a couple gallons of G12 do a coolant flush see if that helps things. The car doesn't overheat so I don't imagine it's the water pump but im debating on going in there and just replacing it as a precaution.. I sucessfully already lost one of the 300$ switchblade keys and now only have one (*facedesk*). The other main issue with the car other than the battery drain is the EPC light and random stalling at stop signs. My friend ryan is supposed to bring his VW scan tool over here and hopefully i'll figure out what all craziness I need. I'd really like to do the timing belt, its only got 115k miles but intervals of 60k miles make me happy.

When the battery is low this car does some crazy things, makes me wonder if it needs a mechanic or an exorcist.

There is only a few tiny rust spots which I will quickly address. Suspension seems to be reasonable no pulling or rattling. Brakes are due.
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