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Hey everyone! I just picked up my first VW! I've always wanted one but never came about the right opportunity I guess. Well the opportunity presented itself the other day!

I bought a 2002 Golf, not sure on the model. It has power locks and windows. Has a sunroof. No power seats. Maybe someone can tell me what model it is?

It is a 4dr hatchback 5 speed with 110k! I picked it up for 750 bucks! I work at a big time ford dealership and some guy brought it in and they gave him 250 for his trade (got hit by a deer) and employees have to 500 more for it than what the dealership is into it for.

It needs a new hood, fender and passenger headlight for it to be pretty again (already ordered the hood and fender). A friend of mine is gonna paint them for free :D:D

Anyway, just thought I would say hi and I'm happy to be part of the VW family!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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