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What Fixer’s put’s into the Vanagon is rewarded tenfold in the form of travel and adventure. It’s a vehicle that is truly inspiring, just look at the countless Instagrams, blogs, and books featuring vans in beautiful and remote locations, evoking feelings of wanderlust and nostalgia. Owners know that it will never be fast, it won’t be as luxurious as an RV and it will likely break down at some point. But all that doesn’t matter because the Vanagon offers a sense of freedom that isn’t found in other vehicles. Even as the Vanagons age and parts grow scarce, as long as there are dedicated Fixers, these iconic vans will live on.

With all the love the Vanagon receives, why doesn’t VW bring it back like they did the Beetle?

Keep reading: learn about the history of the VW Vanagon and what happened after VW experimented with the newest futuristic prototype...

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