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FRONGATE ELECTRONICS LIMITED.. we are one of the leading mobile phone distributors.
Your satisfaction is our number one priority!
We are dedicated in providing you with an excellence service.
We are Legitimate registered company under government registration and licensed.
We are recognized distributor of various consumer electronics we sell latest brand and new original phones,
laptops, digital camera, camcorders etc from the manufacturer with the minimum of 1 full year international warranty.

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Contact Name: Mr. FRANK MORGAN
E-Mail: [email protected]
E-Mail: [email protected]
Registered Company No. 07240551
Telephone Number: +447024024233

* Your privacy is assured
* Our prices are second to none
* Secure transaction guaranteed
* We ship Monday through Saturday.
* Free shipping on qualified orders
* We offer reasonable discount on bulk purchases
* We ship same day after confirmation of payment.
* We offer a 30 day return policy and a 100% money back guarantee.

Do have a look at the rated and other mobile phones and products we stock below...

Contact Name: Mr. FRANK MORGAN
E-Mail: [email protected]
E-Mail: [email protected]
Registered Company No. 07240551
Telephone Number: +447024024233

Apple Iphone 4g 64gb----$500
Apple Iphone 4g 32gb----$400
Apple Iphone 3gs 32gb ----$280
Apple Iphone 3gs 16gb----------$200
Apple Iphone 3g 16gb -----------------$150
Apple Iphone 3g 8gb --------------$120
Apple Iphone 2g 4gb------------------$100
Apple Iphone 3g 16gb Golden Eye----$180

Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi 16GB --- $140
Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi 32GB --- $180
Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi 64GB --- $230

T-Mobile Tap------$140
T-Mobile Pulse ----------------------$140
T-Mobile G2 Touch--------------$125
T-Mobile myTouch 3G---------$120
T-Mobile MDA Vario V------------$130
T-Mobile MDA Compact V----------$115
T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009-------$100
T-Mobile MDA Vario IV----------$50
T-Mobile Wing-----------$50
T-Mobile Vairy Touch-----------$50

Nokia Phones
Nokia N8---------$350
Nokia c5-03--$450
Nokia C6---$300
Nokia C3---$300
Nokia E5---$300
5330 Mobile TV Edition----$170
6700 slide---------$165
2710 Navigation Edition----$220
Nokia N96 3g 16gb ----$150
Nokia N97 3g 32gb Mini------$160
Nokia X6 ------$200
Nokia N95 3g -----$150
Nokia X3-------$190
Nokia N900---------$200
Nokia 5230-------$190
Nokia 3208c---------$210
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition-----$140
Nokia Mural-------$190
Nokia 6760 Slide----$150
Nokia 6790 Surge-----$150
Nokia 3720 Classic -----$170
Nokia 5530 Xpress Music----$175
Nokia E72-----$200
Nokia E71 ------$190
Nokia E63-----$160
Nokia E66-----$185
Nokia 7210 Supernova----$165
Nokia 2330 classic----$150

BlackBerry phones
Blackberry Torch 9800 Slider--$400
Storm2 9520-----$240
Storm2 9550-----------$250
Bold 9700----------$200
RIM Blackberry Bold 9650 3G Sprint:---$280
BlackBerry Curve 8520----$250
BlackBerry Tour 9630----$270
BlackBerry Curve 8900----$225
BlackBerry Storm 9530----$215
BlackBerry Bold 9000----$150
BlackBerry Curve 8320----$120
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition--$30
BlackBerry Curve 8300----$125
BlackBerry 8707v----$130
BlackBerry Storm 9530---$135
BlackBerry 7730------$115

Samsung Phones
S5150 Diva folder-----$220
S7070 Diva-----$240
M5650 Lindy-----$330
Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO----------$295
Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE -- ----- ---$270
Samsung M2710 Beat Twist---------$255
Samsung A177--------$170
Samsung I7500 Galaxy -------- ---$215
Samsung A257 Magnet-----$250
Samsung T929 Memoir-----$290
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD-----$260
Samsung I8000 Omnia II----$245
Samsung A867 Eternity----$230
Samsung B2100 Xplorer----$210
Samsung S3650 Corby-----$205
Samsung B3310-----$170
Samsung C3212----$165
Samsung A887 Solstice------$185
Samsung T559 Comeback-----$215
Samsung T469 Gravity 2-----$230
Samsung T749 Highlight----$180
Samsung S5600v Blade-----$190
Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO-----$210
Samsung I8000 Omnia II------$235
Sony Ericsson phones

XPERIA Pureness-------$370
XPERIA X10------------------$320
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2----$305
Sony Ericsson Jalou D&G edition-----$300
Sony Ericsson Jalou-----$265
Sony Ericsson T715-----$245
Sony Ericsson C901-----$230
Sony Ericsson Satio ----$170
Sony Ericsson Aino----$260
Sony Ericsson Yari-----$165
Sony Ericsson W205----$180
Sony Ericsson W995----$1150
Sony Ericsson W705----$135
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1----$190
Sony Ericsson W595s----$200
Sony Ericsson G700 Business Edition----$160
Sony Ericsson R306 Radio-----$150
Sony Ericsson W508-----$145

HTC phones
HTC Desire ------------ $270
HTC HD mini ------ $230
HTC Legend ---- $225
HTC Google Nexus One $210
HTC HD 2-------$320
HTC Touch2----$290
HTC Hero-----$270
HTC Ozone----$245
HTC Snap----$220
HTC Magic---$270
HTC Touch Pro2----$170
HTC Touch Diamond2----$170
HTC Dream----$200
HTC Touch 3G---$185
HTC Touch Cruise 09----$195
HTC Touch Diamond----$230
HTC Advantage X7510----$200
HTC Touch Cruise----$210
HTC TyTN II----$200
HTC P6500----$235
HTC Touch Pro----$175
HTC MAX 4G----$175
HTC Touch HD----$170

I-mate phones
I-mate 810-F----------- ----$240
I-mate Ultimate 9502------------$245
I-mate Ultimate 8502----$220
I-mate JAMA 201------$190
I-mate Ultimate 7150---------$200

Acer phones
Acer Liquid-----$250
Acer neoTouch-----$230
Acer beTouch E100-----$200
Acer beTouch E101---$190
Acer DX900-----$190
Acer X960----------------$170

Toshiba phones
Toshiba TG01---$235
Toshiba G910 / G920---$200
Toshiba G710---$180
Toshiba TS605---------$200
Toshiba TS705--$160

O2 phones
O2 XDA Serra--$230
O2 XDA Guide--$225
O2 XDA Zest--$220
O2 XDA Ignito--$210
O2 XDA Stellar--$200
O2 XDA Orbit II--$200
O2 XDA Comet--$200

Qtek phones
Qtek 9600--$230
Qtek 8600--$225
Qtek A9100--$225
Qtek 8500--$220
Qtek S200--$225
Qtek 9000--$220

Palm phones
Palm Pre--$245
Palm Treo Pro--$210
Palm Centro--$200

Motorola phones
Motorola ROKR ZN50----$250
Motorola Karma QA1-----$235
Motorola L800t-----$220
Motorola W7 Active Edition ----$195
Motorola ZN300----$200
Motorola ****TAIL VE70----$225
Motorola ZN200-----$175
Motorola MC55-----$180
Motorola A1800-----$155
Motorola Aura----$145
Motorola A1210-----$130
Motorola Q 11-----$125
Motorola ROKR E8----$210
Motorola PEBL U3----$140

LG phones
GW820 eXpo--------$370
GD710 Shine II----$340
LG GM750-----$240
LG BL40 New Chocolate----$235
LG GW300 Viewty-----$235
LG GB270-----$200
LG GB109----$195
LG GW550----$175
LG GW520----$180
LG GT500 Puccini-----$220
LG GT505----$185
LG KM900 Arena-----$165
LG KC910i Renoir----$160
LG GD910---$190
LG KC910 Renoir-----$200

ETEN glofiish X610------ $210
ETEN glofiish V900 ---$220
ETEN glofiish X900--- $205
ETEN glofiish DX900 ----$210
ETEN glofiish M750----$200
ETEN glofiish M810 ------$170
ETEN 500 Glofiish------ $160
ETEN M700 Glofiish 2----- $195
ETEN M600----- $135
ETEN G500----- $110
ETEN 800 Glofiish----- $200

Apple IPod 32GB Newest! ---------$190
Apple iPod 30GB (Video) New! - - $100
Apple iPod 60GB (Video) New! - - $110
Apple iPod Nano 2GB New! - - $70
Apple iPod Nano 4GB New! - - $80
Apple iPod Shuffle 512 MB - - $65
Apple iPod Shuffle 1 GB - - $75
Apple iPod Mini 4 GB - - $70
Apple iPod Mini 6 GB - - $90
Apple iPod Photo 30 GB - - $100
Apple iPod U2 SE 20 GB - - $110
Apple iPod Photo 60 GB - - $120
Apple iPod 20 GB - - $95
Apple ipod 80 GB - - $115

FRONGATE ELECTRONICS LIMITED strive to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.
All of our products are brand new,never used, never rebuilt. We maintain multiple-supplier sources for
our products as a means of being able to continually offer the best products at the best prices.
Contact us for further information about warranty and process.
We are committed to doing all it takes to keep you a satisfied customer!
Many thanks and God bless you as you place your order with us today.
Your inquiry will be greatly appreciated.

Contact Name: Mr. FRANK MORGAN
E-Mail: [email protected]
E-Mail: [email protected]
Registered Company No. 07240551
Telephone Number: +447024024233

Canon GL 2----- -$750
Canon Vixia HF10 High Definition Camcorder------------ $220
Canon XL-H1 3CCD HiDef Optical Zoom Camcorder & Case-----$2600

Pentax K-7 14.6MP DSLR Camera $900
Canon EOS 7D 18MP Digital SLR Camera $900
Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21MP DSLR Camera $ 1100
Nikon D700 - Nikon AF-S VR 24-120 mm Lens $750
Nikon D300 SLR Digital Camera $800
Nikon 12-24 mm f4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor For digitalcameras $400
25 594 Nikon Coolpix S600 10.0 Mpix 4x Digital Camera $350
Nikon D90 Digital Camera - SLR camera with Live View, Movie ... $450
Nikon D60 Digital Camera - SLR - 10.2..... $ 350
D5000 Nikon Digital camera - SLR with Live View, Movie ... $350
Nikon D300S - Live SLR $700
Nikon D3X Digital camera - SLR with Live View mode - 24.5 megapixel $2,400
Nikon D3 Digital Camera - SLR with Live View mode - 12.1 Megapixels $2,00
Nikon D200 Digital camera - SLR - 10.2 Megapixel - 3.8x Optical Zoom $700
Nikon D2X Digital Camera - SLR - 12.4 Megapixel $ 1,000
Nikon D40x Digital camera - SLR - 10.2 Megapixel - 7.5 x Optical Zoom $500
Nikon D2H Digital Camera - SLR - 4.1 Megapixel $ 1,500
Nikon D200 Digital camera - SLR - 10.2 Megapixel - 7.5 x Optical Zoom $800
Nikon D50 Digital Camera - SLR - 6.1 megapixels - 3x optical zoom $600
Nikon D70 Digital Camera - SLR - 6.1 Megapixels - 3.6x 3.8x ... $1,000

Video Camera and Photo Camera
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, 17.2 Megapixel SLR ...$ 800
Canon EOS-1D Mark III, 10 Megapixel SLR ...$1000
Nikon D3X, 12.4 Megapixel ... $ 900usd
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, 21.1 Megapixel SLR ..$ 1300
Canon EOS-1D Mark II, 8.2 Megapixel; ...$ 800
Canon EOS-1D Mark II N, 8.2 Megapixel, SLR ...$ 600
Nikon D2X, 12.4 Megapixel ... $700
Sigma 30 mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Autofocus Lens for Nikon Digital $270
Sony Handycam HDR-FX1000 camcorder - 1.12 MP - Optical Zoom 20x $1,900
Sony Handycam HDR-FX camcorder 1000P - 1.12 MP - Optical Zoom 20x $ 1,500
Panasonic NV-md9000 (MD en 9000) $ 900
Panasonic MD10000 Camcorder $ 650
Canon PowerShot A650 IS Digital Camera $270
Canon PowerShot SD890 IS Digital Camera $300
Canon PowerShot G7 Digital Camera $350
Canon EOS 40D

Playstation 3 60GB . $170
Playstation 3 80GB . $200
Playstation 3 40GB . .... $150

Xbox 360 Core System . 200
Xbox 360 Prenium pack .-220
Xbox 360 Platinum Bundle Console 240

Nintendo DS Lite NDSL Game Console (Pink) .$130
Nintendo DS Lite Black (US) .$130
Nintendo DS Lite Enamel Navy (HK) . $130
Nintendo Wii Game Console (White (Japan Version ) . $160
Nintendo Wii (****) (Downgrade version) .$160
Nintendo Wii Game Console (White (US Version Wii sport included) ..$180

Apple Macbook Air............................$500
Apple MacBook (MA700LL/A) Mac Notebook...$500
Apple MacBook Pro (MA611LL/A) Notebook...$500
Apple MacBook (MA254LL/A) Mac Notebook...$450
Apple iBook G3 (M7698LL/A) Mac Notebook..$400
Apple MacBook Pro (MA609LL/A) Notebook...$550
Apple MacBook Pro (MA600LLA) Notebook...$450
Apple MacBook Pro (MA610LL/A) Notebook...$450
Apple Macbook Pro (885909119400) Notebook..$445

Dell XPS M1710 PC Notebook...$450
Dell XPS M2010 PC Notebook....$500
Dell Laptop 1100-BX7ZT21...$350
Dell Latitude C640 - 2.0GHz, 512MB, 40GB...$400
Dell Inspiron Model 8500 Laptop..$400
Dell Latitude D810...$500
Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook Computer..$400
Dell Laptop,Wireless,Intel M,60GB HD,CD/DVD, XP,Pro...$360

Acer Ferrari 3200 - Mobile Athlon 64 2800 ...$450
Acer Ferrari 3400LMi Notebook ...$500
Acer Ferrari 3000LMi - Athlon XP-M...$480
Acer Ferrari 3200LMi - Mobile Athlon..$650
Apple Powerbook G4 1.67ghz Drive Bluetooth

Sony VAIO VGN-T1..$1100
Sony VAIO VGN-FS315...$1000
Sony VAIO VGN-S3...$850
Sony VAIO VGN-TX1...$780
Sony VAIO VGN-FS215...$710
Sony VAIO VGN-S4...$870
Sony VAIO PCG-K35...$750
Sony VAIO A170 Laptop ....$900
Sony VAIO GRT250 Laptop ....$850
Sony VAIO V505DC1 Laptop ....800

Pioneer HD Elite KURO PRO-FPJ1 $870
Panasonic TH-37PHD8UK Plasma $850
Panasonic TH-42PWD8UK Plasma $950
Panasonic TH-42PHD8UK Plasma $945
Panasonic TH-42PD50U EDTV $900
Panasonic TH-42PX50U Plasma $850
Panasonic TH-50PX50U Plasma $800
panasonic TH-65PHD8UK Plasma $820

SONY FWD-42PV1 Plasma Display $800
Sony PFM-42X1 Plasma Display $780
Sony FWD-50PX2 Plasma Display $950

Philips 42PF7320A/37 Plasma TV $590
Philips 42PF9630A/37 Plasma HDTV $650
Philips 50PF7320A/37 Plasma HDTV $600
Philips 50PF9630A/37 Plasma HDTV $495
Philips 50PF9830A/37 Plasma HDTV $750

SAMSUNG HPP3761 Plasma TV $200
Samsung PPM42M5S Plasma Display $800
Samsung SPP4251 Plasma TV $800
Samsung PPM42M5H Plasma Display $950
Samsung HPR4252 Plasma $900
Samsung HPR4262 Plasma TV $800
Samsung HPR4272 Plasma $800
Samsung PPM50M5H Plasma Display $840
Samsung HPR5052 Plasma $700
Samsung HPR5072 Plasma $650
Samsung HPP5581 Plasma TV $550
Samsung PPM63H3Q Plasma Display $500
Samsung HPR6372 Plasma $500

Your inquiry will be greatly appreciated.

Contact Name: Mr. FRANK MORGAN
E-Mail: [email protected]
E-Mail: [email protected]
Registered Company No. 07240551
Telephone Number: +447024024233
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