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Hi Everyone,

My wife has a 2007 VW Jetta 4-door sedan diesel (comfortline). It is a right-hand-drive model from here in New Zealand - not imported from overseas. It has a faulty microswitch in the front left (passenger) side door. When the door is opened, the dashboard doesn't light up (no open door detected) and the lights don't come on. I've pulled the door apart and had a look, and the plastic bush that the microswitch pushes against has split, so that the microswitch doesn't close. I therefore need to replace the whole lock mechanism / assembly.

I've tried to determine the part number but it's been rubbed out so I only have a partial number: ??2 8?? 015. From listings on eBay, I would guess it is: 3?2 817 015, but even the 3 is hard to read. On the second line is has: 2CX

I have tried to find a suitable OEM replacement part, but there are numerous numbers and being located in New Zealand, I'd like to get the part number correct first time.

Is there a way to look up suitable replacement parts using the VIN or some other method? Does anyone else have a right-hand-drive VW Jetta 4-door sedan that has had to replace this part previously and has the part number available?

Thank you so much.

Regards, Pete.
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