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hello all,

i hate doing this but i have to sell my 15x9.5, 15x10 OZ Turbos in York PA

$1600 with lips
$950 without lips

will ship at buyers expense (<$100 to cali)

front lips are 3.5" kodiak
rear lips are 4" schmidt

tires are 195/60, will not fit MK3 lowered but they are on for storage purposes

front et -15
rear et -20

these will fit mk3 with no spacers needed, but lots of fender work if you use the lips

the good:
-new metal valvestems
-bolts switched with BBS bolts, so you dont need a oz bolt tool to remove them
-custom center caps, with metal spike in each, the front centercaps have a shorter spike than the rear
-all wheels straight and have never leaked air
-2 pc originally mk3 fitment, so no spacers needed, only fender work to fit them on your car

the bad:
paint is a little rough, looks good still, but there are a few chips
one knick in a front kodiak lip

its not big, and the wheel is still straight, the knick is hard to notice unless you are looking for it, or up close.
195/65 tires on the wheels because thats all i could find to store them, after the 195/50's went bald
wheel works wanted $75 to fix the lip

this is what they looked like on a car

serious cash offers only please, no trades, i need money for bills, but i know what these wheels are worth

email at [email protected]
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