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What's up everyone?

I have 4 sets of different wheels I'm selling.

1st set is:
15" BBS Bugatti's off MK3 Jetta GLX
comes with good tires.
5 wheels 4 tires total. 4 wheels have tires, 1 is only a wheel no tire.
3 tires are on Bugatti's, 4th tire is on a DE wheel. painted black. 5th wheel is still silver.

2nd set is:
16" B6 Passat Steelies with Cooper tires 5x112
215/55/16 good thread. 2 have alittle more thread, but one has a nail in it so leaks a bit of air. Havent had the wheels on since winter so I haven't fixed it.
They do have TPMS on them.

3rd set is:
18" 5x112 MK5 GLI Fahrenheit "Charleston" wheels
225/40/18 Nankang tires maybe 60/70% thread left.
Have a few knicks and few curb marks but hold air and no bends.

4th set is:
actually for Nissan.
5x114 Nissan Murano wheels 18"
they are the thicker 5 spoke style wheels.
tires are on but are shot.

any interests feel free to email me for questions and I have pictures of all sets available I can send upon request.

[email protected] ( email is best for fastest response ) I don't get on here ever.

not shipping btw. pic up only. Just let me know in the email which ones you are interested in.
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