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I'm selling my Valentine One Radar Detector. I need the extra money for other car parts. It's by far the best radar detector I have ever owned. It picks up every cop here, and has saved me more times then I care to count. I hate to part with it but it is what it is. This radar will pay for itself 10x over. It's in like new condition. No major scratches or anything of the sort. You'll get the Straight 8-feet Power cord. Which is great for hard wiring and hiding the cord. As well as the 2-Port Lighter Adapter WITH the Articulated Bracket. **Updated Software, PoP2 & EuroMo Enabled**

I'm selling it for $350+Shipping Cost so please no low ball offers. This is an amazing radar and it's in amazing shape. If you are looking for a radar, stop looking and buy this!

Pictures of the radar:

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