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I had a quick question about the fuse box on the driver's side. It might sound dumb, but hey, you guys can help me. I have been having troubles with my a/c. Its blowing out hot air as some might already know. There is no click when I press the a/c button so I know it is something electrical. The question is... Is there suppose to be one fuse in every single slot in the box. How many should there be. I think i might be missing one. This might solve my a/c problem.


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Everyone should not be filled up unless you have every option avialible put on (and i don't think that would fill it up). Depending on what options you have will determine which fuses will be put in. If you look in your owners manual, you should see a diagram or a listing of what fuses are what. It should tell you which on is for the A/C. HTH

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no all of the slots should not be full. I have a glx (which has every option you can get, and mine is not full. there are "missing" fuses in my box. If I were you, I would pull out, and put in all of them. when you pull them out, check them to see if they are blown. I had this problem with my window regulators and interior lights. its was a blown fuse. hope this helps
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Check the fuses really, it would be better to use a test light because sometimes the filament would be going out and it would look perfectly fine. The other thing is to check you freon levels because when you get low your A/C unit will start to blow cold on and off.

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The reason why all of your fuses aren't full Brian, is that the GLX in Germany has Rain sensors for wipers as an option, also the rear fog light fuse should be missing in the North American version as well. To name just 2.

So as promised here is how mine looks like:

I checked mine and it has 1 tiny fuse missing in the top row, then in the row below it the middle fuse is gone.

Then 1 fuse is missing from the main cluster of fuses right in the middle.

To the right of it are 3 empty spots as well. 2 vertical and 1 horizontal above them.

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I figured it was something like that thomas. I have a rain sensor, but not rear fogs. I forget what else I dont have.

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Here is a list of each and every fuse that is supposed to be in a MKIV.

1. Washer nozzle heaters, glove compartment light, memory seat control module (10A).
2. Turn signal lights (10A).
3. Fog light relay, instrument panel light dimmer switch (5A).
4. License plate light (5A).
5. Comfort system, cruise control, Climatronic, A/C, heated seat control modules, automatic day/night interior mirror, control module for multi-function steering wheel, control unit in steering wheel (7.5A).
6. Central locking system (5A).
7. Back-up lights, speedometer vehicle speed sensor (VSS) (10A).
8. Open
9. Anti-lock brake system (ABS) (5A).
10. Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine (10A); diesel engine, Model Year 2000 (5A).
11. Instrument cluster, shift lock solenoid (5A).
12. Data Link Connector (DLC) power supply (7.5A).
13. Brake tail lights (10A).
14. Interior lights, central locking system (10A).
15. Instrument cluster, transmission control module (TCM) (5A).
16. A/C clutch, after-run coolant pump (10A).
17. Open.
18. Headlight high beam, right (10A).
19. Headlight high beam, left (10A).
20. Headlight low beam, right (15A).
21. Headlight low beam, left (15A).
22. Parking lights right, side marker right (5A).
23. Parking lights left, side marker left (5A).
24. Windshield and rear window washer pump, windshield wiper motor (20A).
25. Fresh air blower, Climatronic, A/C (25A).
26. Rear window defogger (25A).
27. Motor for rear windshield wiper (15A).
28. Fuel pump (FP) (15A).
29. Engine control module (ECM) gasoline engine (15A); diesel engine (10A).
30. Power sunroof control module (20A).
31. Transmission control module (TCM) (20A).
32. Injectors: gasoline engine (10A); diesel engine (15A).
33. Headlight washer system (20A).
34. Engine control elements (10A).
35. 12 V power outlet (in luggage compartment) (30A).
36. Fog lights (15A).
37. Terminal (86S) on radio, Instrument cluster (10A).
38. Central locking system (with power windows), luggage compartment light, remote/fuel tank door, motor to unlock rear lid (15A).
39. Emergency flashers (15A).
40. Dual tone horn (20A).
41. Cigarette lighter (15A).
42. Radio (25A).
43. Engine control elements (10A).
44. Heated seats (15A).

Fuse arangements in fuse bracket/battery:

S162. Glow plugs (coolant) (50A).
S163. Fuel pump (FP) relay/glow plug relay (50A).
S164. Coolant fan control (FC) control module/coolant fan (40A).
S176. Relays panel interior (110A).
S177. Generator (GEN) (90 Amp.) (110A).
Generator (GEN) (120 Amp.) (150A).
S178. ABS (hydraulic pump) (30A).
S179. ABS (30A).
S180. Coolant fan (30A).

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