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Hi Vee Dub fans
I have owned 4 Golf 1's, 2 x GTI's, 2x Jetta Cli's, 1 Passat and currently a Touareg v6 Blue Motion. I chose the Touareg over the Porsche Cayenne because of the impressive Dakar track record and the more conservative styling. I love VEE DUBS and I am pretty conservative when it comes to styling.
I saw the new Phaeton on my Car web site- It looks boring compared to other Mercedes Benz, Audi and Porsche products. I know VW are a conservative bunch but this is taking it too far. Perhaps VW needs a luxury brand name and logo like Toyota has Lexus and Nissan has Infiniti!
Call it a Phaeton if you like, but give it a new logo and a bit more style to make it stand out from the crowd. The car is inherently good but lacks PiZaZZ and the "I want one!" factor.
Gavin Touareg.
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