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Hi everyone,
New to the VW group. I love my 2.0 Jetta but have been running into some problems. My Check engine light came on about 3 months ago when I started it up one morning. It ran rough for about a min and smoothed out. My mechanic found random misfires in all cylinders. After he changing the plugs and did a tune-up it cleared up for a short time. Then the problem returned. It's been hard getting this resolved with what's going on regarding Covid-19.
My mechanic did another check and told me the valves had carbon build up on them and needed to be cleaned. He recommended walnut blasting and quoted me around $850 to fix it. I did some research and found this article from a company called ATS Carbon Clean.
Has anyone had any experience using this company?
It seems like a better option if I can find someone that has this machine.
Here is the article I found >
Cause and Effect of Carbon Build Up in Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engines
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