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Well after searching for a new to me car with better gas mileage to replace my 07 Chrysler 300, i stumbled upon an 07 GLI with 68K miles on it and it has brought the joy back into driving for me.I was definitely not looking for anything like the GLI during my search (I test drove a 1.8L civic), but when I found it and did a little research I knew I had to buy it.

Its been a month now, and my gas mileage at the moment really sucks, I literally have to keep telling my self to stay out of the turbo and since i'm new to direct injection I though my engine was going to explode one cold morning when it sounded like an 18 wheeler (exaggerating) while idling. I have been lurking in the forum for the past month soaking up the wealth of knowledge and decided that I should finally introduce myself.

I don't plan on doing anything too crazy to the car, but I definitely see an intake and an APR stage 1 tune in the near future. Maybe my ears suck, but I don't really like the way these turbo 4's sound with a crazy exhaust hooked up, so I am probably gonna opt out of that stuff.

So far I have done a little searching through the forum but there is so much info it ay take a while. I do have one question though, I have been seeing some GLI's with chrome window trim, is this an easy mod to accomplish? Is there a DIY post about it?

Well I think i have babbled enough, I am excited bout my new ride and sharing my experiences with you guys and gals through time.

Thanks for reading!
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