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My VW Golf mk4 2.0 went to the car repair shop to get a new throttle body but was returned to me with a very odd computer problem. Here are the symptoms:
- Electric windows do not work anymore.
- Can't use the key control operate the center lock, to open the car I now have to insert the key in the door.
- The sunroof doesn't work either.

The car turns on and can be used, the only things I noticed that do not work are the ones described above.

According to the guy at the car "repair" shop, for some unknown reason the battery of the car was discharged (I guess they probably forgot to turn off a light or something because the battery was ok when I took the car to the shop) and they re-charged the battery and when they plugged it back, the described problems started.

So my question is: have any of you guys heard of a similar problem caused by a discharged battery?
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