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MK4 1.6 SR
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Hello guys ! I have a serious problem with my mk4... When the fuel needle is on this lvl and below ( almost 3 lines above minimum ) as Iam driving doesn`t matter the speed, the car just losses itself like iam hiting the gas pedal nothing happens, trying to force it without success This problem never appears if my needle is like on 1/2. And after like couple of seconds it comes back to life somehow and not doing this problem after the next maybe hour as Iam driving. its really bad problem because when Iam in a big traffic and it dies like that someone can hit me... So I started researching about this. First I changed the lambda oxygen sensor - nothing, fuel pump(without the basket) - no result. .
When the car dies I actually switch it off and went outside to open the fuel cap to see if there was any air vaccum-there wasn't. All of the fuses are fine. Iam trying to fix this irritating problem from like 1 month. I am so frustrated about this Here in this link you can actually see whats happening... I will be very thankful if someone tell me which is making this big problem causing the car to lose power and shutdown if iam not over 100kmh to save it droping down gears.
When the needle reaches this lvl it starts making the problem.


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