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Just bought myself a 2007 Golf 1.4TSI 140hp with 180.000km on the clock.

Last year the engine was rebuilt after timing chain failure. Everything is new/rebuilt, pistons, top, turbo, injektors, coils.. and more.

I got the car cheap cause it wouldnt go as i should. I got the turbo regulator changed and it was back on track. About 1 ago the car went full safe-mode, and i bearly got to work. The idle was out and the car stipend several times.

I got the local workshop to check and the Throttlebody had to be replaced and calibrated. After this i noticed that the its shaky on cold engine. There is no faultcodes or problem driving it. But i want to remove this problem.

I spole to the previous osen and was told that when the engine was rebuilt they removed the inner flaps in the intake cause of damage. And the car was tuned before the timing chain failure.

And my question is: Can the removal of the flaps in the innlet cause this problem?

Do i need a remap to remove this problem? Or Get the flaps installed again?

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