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hi, trying to see if we can get any suggestions, my son has a 1997 golf gl and it started stalling on him the other day. we thought it got wet but no its still stalling, he starts its to warm up it is fine, when he leaves after driving about 15-20 mins the car shuts off. if he waits it usually starts then he gets it home, my husband changed the cap rotor fuel filter yesterday but today when it stalled he could not get it to restart, after a half hr it started again. last year we changed the timing belt, water pump, plugs and wires, the code that keeps coming up is camsensor but we cant find one, my husband found a crankshaft senor behind the oil filter, could it be that instead of the cam sensor? As Ive read other people on this forum say they seem to have same issues and they changed coil pack, could it be that? any help will be helpful, thank you
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