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Hey, i'm quite new here and i'm kind of unsure if this was already discussed or not, if it was please link me the thread, sorry!

So i currently have a K03s Turbo installed with a Wastegate, Intercooler, Software, and a Sport Cat Exhaust along with some other stuff, making me around 250hp.

And i'm planning to do a upgrade to the turbo, and i was discussing a couple of options with a couple of buddies who basically said "Bigger = Better"

But the question arose if an upgrade to a K04 Turbo would increase the hp enough to make it worth the time and money?

What i'm trying to ask is, is the upgrade to a K04 worth it or are there better options to squeeze the most out of the car, and if i do go bigger, what else would i need to upgrade.

Would love to hear from you guys and gals, thank you!
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