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Hi, new to this fourm but im going to try give you as much details regarding my problem. (hence the story below)

VW Golf MK4 1.4L 16V Black 95k miles

Ill start from the beginning.

My wife recently went on a 60Mile journey to pick friends up from the airport. She got there with no problems but on the way back hell broke loose. Shes got roughly 2 miles away from the airport then other drivers starting "tooting" her. Being a blonde woman she ignored them and continued. Not long after the car stated "Check Oil"... so she pulled over and found the radiator was spewing water.

I got out to her roughly 1 hour later and topped the oil back up and test the water. i attempted to fill the tank and see how far i could get the car. It lasted roughly 10miles then done the same thing.
So, i left the car beside the road and got it towed the next day back to my house.

I went and bought a new radiator as the new one had a major crack from age, and got it replaced. I went for a drive and the engine was overheating up to the 130 degrees. i had to stop roughly 4 time and let the engine cool down before i got to my destination.

After some research i came to the conclusion that the water pump was dead due to the fact that i had no heating in the car. I was due a new timing belt anyway, so i got the belt/pump & thermostat changed (just incase) The guy that changed the pump and so on said "nothing wrong with your old water pump but its still overheating"

so i went on the road and tested it myself. i done the same journey and only stopped twice but i noticed the car cooled down really quickly this time (i.e. like 30 secs and i was ready to go again)

I cant understand whats wrong with it. Some people have said it could be the headgasget thats crack (but you'll notice water in your oil) - which i dont.

Some people have said its the thermostat switch - which i dont know how that looks.

Can anyone help shed some hits or tips for me to check out please.

Any help would be brilliant.


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sounds like the head is cracked between the exhause valves. when you running its pushing air in the jacket and over heating but not filling with oil because its not a gasket leaking. i would be pulling the head to make sure. its not really hard and you can do a head gasket valves and timing chain guides (if equiped) all at the same time.

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replace head its got a crack in it thats forcing air into the coolant some how id do that first then retest and see if the problem persists youve basically done everything the cooling system has to offer it literally comes down to two things now the head gasket or the head and in most cases its a bad head when you get this far. 1.4l is from across the pond but if i had a stab at it id do the head first and see what happens after.
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