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I have the following problem on a VW Golf V, 1.4 FSI, 2004.

When the engine is cold, it starts only at second or third attempt and outside is smelling gasoline. After the engine starts and car runs, after about 100 meters, the engine loses a lot of power, more than half, and keeps running like this. Only very rarely, maybe ~5% of time, when I’m in second or third gear at about 2000 RPM the engine works at normal power but after about 3000 RMP the engine loose power again, but as I said those cases are happening very rarely. At IDLE, the car can rev to maximum RPM but on the road, I cannot pass 100 km/h.

At scanning, I have the error: P0191 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor "A" - Implausible Signal

What was changed: engine temperature sensor, tank fuel pump and fuel filter, high pressure fuel sensor.
What was replaced temporarily to test if fix the problem or not: spark plugs, intake manifold with all attached sensors, high pressure fuel pump.

After all this, the car still runs with very low power. Any ideas what should I check next?
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