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Volkswagen Crafter 2.0 2013 Diesel
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Hi there!

This summer I bought a used Crafter to convert it into a camper and travel. Soon after I left my house and decided to travel for a bit and rent a place in Spain for a month, although the conversion still is far from completed, but on the way there I slept in it and it is actually really comfy. Loads of space!

But 2 days ago it broke and the place I am currently is mainly agricultural lands and quite remote. All nearby garages are fully booked because it happens to be the olive season. Typical!

Went to a few garages that solved nothing, but finally got an appointment on a Vw dealership 50km away from where I am- I hope I can get there on limp mode, or else… well, at this point we feel lucky we finally got an appointment for next week given the busy period.

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide details of what happened after it’s fixed which will help someone else in the future.

Stay tuned if you want to hear the end of it!
All the best
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