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I am interested in a used GTI for sale. It is a 2009 4-door automatic Premium. 1-owner and clean carfax. Local trade. 37848 miles. Listed at 18669.

Link to the car is here:


I test drove it and I like it. The service records, though, show some pricey maintenance so far, including replacing the turbo, the mechatronic, and transmission ECM. This car is eligible for the extended warranty on the DSG transmission up to 160 K miles or July 2018, whichever comes first.

The optimist in me says "hey, this car has a lot of new parts and some known problems have been fixed; it is a great deal!

The pessimist in me says "whoa, this car has some underlying issues or a misbuild or something. A car this young should not have so many major issues"

What is your advice? Are these issues symptomatic of other problems I will have to deal with in the future?
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