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my handbrake light was on yesterday and wouldnt go off, even when i put it down. was pinging all the way to work. took it to the guys that fitted my brakes earlier in the month and he found that the switch under the handbrake that activates the light had come dislodged. i went home happy. then this morning i had the same problem and i thought - sheet, i'm not going to go all the way to this guy again. so i pulled the console panel loose, and then i thought, what now, where did this guys find this thing (as i didnt see where). fiddle fiddle fiddle, lift up the brake cover and whalah, there is the clip that came out. So i just clipped it back in and was a happy chick again. not bad for a female with lots of years of driving experience:cool::D:p
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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