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new to forums but back in the VW club now that my mother has a new old Jetta my dad brought from my stupid neighbor LOL (it's in the works right now since the neighbor has done something really dumb to the car so old man's fixing it up)

meaning of the username? my cousin had a 96 Jetta which was around when I was little and my mom drove that thing alot :D and my cousin now has an 01 blue Jetta which was around for a long time *it's been around since I was 6 years old*

so my mother has an 02 Jetta which is close to my cousin's 01 but the new old Jetta is black and my cousin's is only blue!

oh and my cousin's bf and his brother also had Jettas (the bf's brother has a silver one and the bf has a older red one but he smashed it )
*dummy much?*
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