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Sorry for the long post. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm sorry if this post violates rules or restrictions, but i've recently encountered the dilemma of a broken front coil spring and worn out strut bearing on my 2015 VW Jetta S. Because I do all of my own vehicle work, I cannot believe the struggle I had(as well as countless online users in forums across the world), finding a complete 50mm strut assembly that are a direct bolt in. They do not seem to exist. However you can find 55mm strut assemblies for dirt cheap anywhere. After days of frustration, discussions with VW parts suppliers, and being told by countless parts stores, that you just cannot order the whole assembly with a 50mm strut tube, i've taken it upon myself to pursue the parts management, assembly and distribution of 50mm VW strut assemblies out of my own shop. Up until this point I have sold these locally, mostly by word of mouth. I've recently added these to ebay for sale, and am finishing up the final touches to offer these for sale on Amazon.

Currently, you can buy all of the parts to assemble these strut assemblies from your local VW dealer for $630-680 a piece. I've taken the approach that I can provide a good quality 50mm strut assembly for much less, that will be a direct bolt in. They however are not as economically priced as a 55mm strut assembly which can be had for around $60/piece. I'm currently working with some other parts suppliers to help reduce the cost of supply, but have a breakpoint of $245/piece with shipping included to the U.S.

The blame for the much higher price than a 55mm strut is placed at the hands of the parts suppliers.
I offer this information, because hopefully this helps some other VW owners with the struggles i've endured by owning VW's for years.

If this post is not allowed here, I apologize, and can remove it. I'm just hoping to help out some other owners.

If you're unsure if your VW has a 50mm or 55mm strut housing, message me and I can help point you in the direction of how to determine that. If you go to any parts store, they will almost 100% sell you a 55mm housing because that is what 99% of part lookup databases say your VW will have. My hours and hours of research and returning of countless parts hopefully will save others this headache.

Thanks everyone.
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